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Globalite Watchdog is a collection of investigative stories, commentaries and comedy relief pieces intended to safeguard the public interest, raise awareness of important issues, and take the piss out of idiots, wannabees and trolls.

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2 thoughts on “About Globalite Watchdog Magazine

  1. Hi Chris!
    I hope the following provides you with a new perspective and greater understanding of how foreigners with strong political, social and animal-rights views are treated in Japan.

    I live in one of Japan’s backwater prefectures, and have had several near misses with the local “hit squads,” which I call “gaijin-watch action committee.”

    The committees are made of plain clothes police officers, landowners, martial arts teachers, Shinto priests, and local members of right wing organizations, both male and female.

    The committees go to extraordinary lengths to stage incidents, provoking “cocky” foreigners into retaliatory action, which the police can then “justifiably” intervene and arrest the hapless victim(s).

    I’m targeted for my strong anti-whaling views expressed on Internet. However, I have no criminal conviction, nor any arrest records (so far).

    Some of the daily treatments I receive include being hit by shopping trolleys almost on a daily basis, regardless of which of the eight local super markets (located with a 10-km radius of my home) I go to.

    My bicycle has been intentionally punctured, more times that I can remember. My kid’s bikes have been stolen. Numerous brollies left outside the front door have vanished…

    About a year ago, a bus driver swerved toward me and nearly knocked me off my bike near my home, which of course made me expressively angry, shouting, swearing, and gesturing.

    About a day or so later, a large number of buses were re-routed from the main road through my road, a residential area.

    Since then, about 60 empty buses each day cruise along the winding road at high speeds, despite the 40 km/hr speed limit, and the drivers honk their horns violently at least twice as they pass my window.

    Late at night, between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m., someone drives to my front door repeatedly honking the horn. The frequency of the night visits, normally about once a week, depends on the intensity of what I post on the Internet, which the authorities closely monitor.

    Police has taken no action despite complaints made by at least one neighbor.

  2. Nice work, glad I stumbled upon your blog. Tried following you on Twitter but you’re unfortunately suspended at this time. Twitter seems to be trigger happy on suspending and banning anyone under its new policy. Really enjoyed reading my own sentiments expressed about the Canadian media landscape. Would like to correspond if possible! Didn’t see another way to contact you though, let me know how I can get in touch. I think you might enjoy some ofy stuff too: http://ravingcanuck.com/2015/10/04/the-cbcs-insolent-election-bias/

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